In the Academy, we offer only the best products for our students. This is to ensure that all learning experience will be at the utmost efficiency. All documents and material had been copyrighted and trademarked. Therefore, please only purchase materials from the Academy.


These are recognized manuals that have been approved by the Academy to use for teaching. They are colored and printed straight from the digital copy to bring out the perfect learning experience. All teachers will have to get the manuals from the Academy for the teaching of the course. For students, these manuals will be given when attending the course.

Title Price
Level 1 – Planetary Symbols Attunement S$38
Level 2 – Universal Symbols Attunement S$48
Level 3 – Multi- Universal Symbols Attunement S$58
Level 4 – Galactic Symbols Attunement S$58
Level 5 – God Symbols Attunement S$38
Master Level S$38
Oracle cards

The oracle cards are carefully designed and decorated to bring out the uniqueness in the cards. It is laminated so as to protect the card and this also to allow the user to prolong future usage. When you purchase the cards, a beautiful hand-made pouch will be given. The cards can be used for affirmations and also to facilitate other forms of healing. It is a great tool for Melchizedek Symbols facilitator and teachers. All cards are carefully made and printed which will bring the best quality when using the cards.

Purchase Status Price
Student S$63
Non-students S$72

Enjoyed the meditation in these CDs! Featuring the various meditations that you have enjoyed in the course, this CD is worth your time to listen over and over again.

Title Price
Melchizedek Symbols Level 1 Attunement CD S$27

Purchase Status Price
Members S$27
Non-Members S$36

Merkabah Crystal

These crystals are specially curve to shape like the merkabah which is a Star of David in Three dimensional form. It is a powerful energy tool and helps in focusing the energy field. This is also an essential tool in Level 3 of the Melchizedek Symbols course.

(4.5 cm x 4.5 cm)


Replacement Member Tag

These Tags are issued during the course to signify and represent the student status as a 1st degree or 2nd degree healers and even Mastership. The Tag can be replaced if lost. Please sent the identification number on your certificate when buying the product

Purchase Status Price
Members Only S$5

Symbol cards

These cards bear the symbols of the Melchizedek symbols and they can also be place anywhere in the house for empowerment of the house and programming of the subconscious mind. Though the symbols are reflected on it, only those who are attuned can use the symbols on the card.

Purchase Status Price
Members Only S$9

Interested parties please contact us. If you are overseas, please send email to us and we will reply within 24hrs.

Please take note that whenever there is a need to purchase any products please key in the serial no. found on your certificate. This is to allow identification of your status.
Thank you.

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