The Spacial Light Program is a new paradigm of quantum healing and transformation. It uses the Creator Source and the Universal and Cosmic Light Force to transform.

Spacial Light work was given to Master Taveta Grant and she introduce it in January 2001 to assist individuals to heal and transform their body, mind and spirit. It is brought forth in a time when other universal energy source modalities like Reiki, Magnified Healing, Pranic healing and Spiritual Healing have become wide spread to help mankind transform themselves and their planet.

Spacial Light energy puts the transformation and co-creation process directly into the ‘individual’s hands’. This simple and easy tool assists individuals to get back in touch with their personal power and their natural internal healing abilities. It brings the control and responsibility for

personal growth, transformation and well-being straight to the individual. The energy work directly connects you to your Soul, essential self and Source within. There is no religious affiliation.

Spacial Light work is designed for the individual to guide her/his transformation process and to co-create wholeness. The underlying intent is to develop and maintain personal power as the soul and spiritual nature of the individual emerges into unconditional love. There are a few steps to the transformation process; however the individuals can choose how they wish to use the process. There are no limitations. This modality is designed to be shared and enjoyed by many.

Spacial Light Work is officially now available in the Melchizedek Symbols of Life Academy under Master Taveta Grant’s consensus. The course would be a three day course which would involve only 3 hours on three separate days. All courses will be conducted by Rev. Kelvin Khemery.

For Spacial Light Work Phase 1
The Energy exchange would be S$150

For Spacial Light Work Phase 2
The Energy exchange would be S$150

For Spacial Light Work Phase 3
The energy Exchange would be S$150

If you are interested please contact us.


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