Enter into the world of the
Sacred Geometry

In our lives, we interact with various signs and symbols each day. All these signs and symbols, are how sacred geometry manifest itself to us in reality. A common square or circle is the manifestation of the great divine in many ways. It can mean love and expansion or the foundation of life.

Our consciousness is affect by the energy of shapes and design and this study is even used in the Chinese geometrical system known as fengshui. Why can't an octagon carry good energy? Why is the water sign represented by the circle? How can we avoid the energy of the "negative" signs?


In this 2 day course, you will discover the power of the sacred geometry. Find out how it affects you in so many levels. Through the powers of numbers and sacred geometry, find out what shape suits you the best! What kind of houses suits you and what the shape means in your dreams and etc...? Discover how you can use the appropriate shapes and design to make your life better!

Also as a bonus, for those into symbols, you will get to channel your own symbol in the course! If you have been always using other system's symbol, then why not get your own symbol for various purposes. During the course a symbol channel would be open from the source for you to retrieve your insignia which is your personal symbol for evolution!

The Peace exchange is S$360

If you are interested please contact us.


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