From the past, people consulted the Oracle when they faced problems or issues in their life. Like in how the movie the matrix, they consulted the Oracle when they needed the advice. However in real life Oracles do exist. Oracles are a form of sign that the higher forces show people so that they know what to do.

Normally Oracles are interpreted only by priest or Shaman because they are more connected the higher forces. Oracles can take form in anything, a cup or rain. There are no restrictions in the signs they show. They are from all directions of life and they depict life itself.

Oracles are highly accurate because the Oracle shows its answer only to the person who ask the question. Also the Oracle readers have to connect with GOD so as to get the purest and divine answers so there is no need to be afraid of any negative experiences. Oracles strive to transform you and help you gain personal power, unconditional love, service and leadership abilities.

What question they can answer? Well basically everything. They can answer any question in all areas of life. However they only advice the person on what to do, the rest depends on the person’s effort to manifest the dream. People commonly ask questions on


- Family
- Career
- Health
- Spirituality
- House
- Children
- Is my house haunted?
- What is my life always full of problems?

All readings are performed by Rev. Kelvin Khemery.

Oracle Reading
30 Min – S$75
60 Min – S$120

* Readings are normally conducted Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel 317 Outram road #01-58

If you are interested please contact us.


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