The course is another great feature brought to you by the Academy. This course aims to equip the students with the abilities to decode oracle. The world is filled with various signs and symbols. Within the Melchizedek Symbols, hold the exact wisdom that people should discover. The symbols are now printed so that people can make use of this ancient wisdom!

The course will use the Melchizedek Symbols oracle cards created by the Academy. The students can learn the following in this course

  1. How to read an oracle?
  2. How the symbols can help you out in various situations?
  3. How to tap into the symbol’s vibration easily?
  4. How to transform your life with the oracle card?
  5. How the oracle cards assist in your decision making process?
  6. And more……

This is another course that should not be missed as this also helps in letting us understand the ancient wisdom in the various things we see in life. So there is really no limitation to this course as you continue to decipher various things in your life related to symbols and oracle like dreams and intuitive messages.

This course will be a 1 day course and lunch will be provided by the centers.

The light exchange will be S$360/-

If you are interested please contact us.


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