In this level, the student will be given the final symbol which allows the activation works for attuning teachers for the Melchizedek Symbol course. The course is only for people who are really interested to teach the Melchizedek Symbols for life. By being a teacher, he/she will be added to the facilitator group and the admin support from the Melchizedek Symbols Academy. The Master Teacher group also helps the student to now find out what he needs to achieve in this life time.

Learn about how you can make use of the symbols in another different way from the normal activations. The symbol introduced for Master teacher level is something which triggers the necessary transformation in

your life. You will truly be the teacher that you are. The course will also include important esoteric information on various things that are happening in the inner planes. Most importantly you can connect to the source directly! From there your spiritual journey will never be the same.

This course includes the following

  1. Master teacher symbol
  2. A secret recipe for various diseases
  3. What is the Aurora energy
  4. Divine Love what is that?
  5. Where is the Holy Grail?
  6. And more…..

All these come under the Master Teacher Level. To join the course, students should have already taken level 5 in Melchizedek Symbols and have attained enough symbol quotients for the level 5 symbols. All symbol quotients have to be checked by a teacher from the academy.

The course will be a 1 day course and lunch will be provided by the centers.

The Light exchange would be notified for interested parties.

If you are interested please contact us.


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