In this level, you have perfectly understood the concept and theory of character integration and service from the things you have done. So it is time you share with everyone these information. Being encoded with the last two symbols, you will be now given the ability to create wonders in other people’s life.

Experience the ability to connect with the higher vibrations and also initiating others into service. Allow this to be something that you do to make your spiritual service move up to a greater step. It is not only explorative and also integrative. As a facilitator, meet more people who are amateur, intermediates and even teachers! Expand that unity consciousness!

This course includes the following:

  1. Allowing you to fully open your inner potentials
  2. Allow you to learn the character integration needed for a master
  3. Prescribe symbols for people to try out!
  4. Learn how to attune someone!


All these come under level 5 and it will also include the Official Tag which promotes you to Teacher. To join the course, students should have already taken level 4 in Melchizedek Symbols and have attained enough symbol quotients for the level 4 symbols. All symbol quotients have to be checked by a teacher from the academy.

The course will be a 2 ~ 3day course and lunch will be provided by the centers.

The Light exchange would be S$3700/-

If you are interested please contact us.


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