In this level the student will be taught on how to remove limitation and duality. Within our culture there are lots of paradigms and limitations which people enforce on us. All these became blind spots and pit traps for our daily life. We tend to limit ourselves and in the end we feel tied up and difficult to breathe.


Therefore to truly embrace life as the way it should be we must start transcending away limitation. By doing so then can we start to learn what is the true meaning that I am that I am. Many people think that spirituality is something not grounded and does not make sense at all. This is a wrong concept; in the course students will be guided on how to redefine shape, time, and also definition. Your life will never be the same after this course.


This course includes the following:

  1. Teaching you to activate your Merkabah
  2. Releasing Past life trauma
  3. Understanding the Giza pyramid
  4. Understanding what is Duality and Limitation
  5. Ashram on the Moon!?
  6. 32 Chakra cleansing system
  7. And more…..

All these come under level 4 and it will also include the Official Tag which promotes you to 2nd degree healer. To join the course, students should have already taken level 3 in Melchizedek Symbols and have attained enough symbol quotients for the level 3 symbols. All symbol quotients have to be checked by a teacher from the academy.

The course will be a 2 ~ 3day course and lunch will be provided by the centers.

The Light exchange would be S$450/-

If you are interested please contact us.


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