In this level the student will be taught on how to anchor information from different sources. Some of the sources will include the Dolphins and also the mineral kingdom. Besides that in this level, the student will also be formally introduced to the concepts surrounding Ascension.

From the previous two levels, the student would have the experience they need to integrate a wholesome spiritual understanding. They would have already demonstrated the four qualities of Love, Power, Leadership and Service. From these qualities now we start to use the ground work achieve to enhance the spiritual experience of the student. They will be exposed to more esoteric information. This course will also enhance the healing abilities of the students by practicing new techniques.


In this course the students will also receive a crystal pyramid for a special use. This crystal is very helpful and all students who took the official lessons conducted would receive the crystal. This crystal is also available for sale in the Academy.

In this level the student would be:

  1. Talking to the Dolphins of Siruis
  2. Create their own Universe Creation Crystal
  3. Learn about Ascension
  4. What is the Original 8 Cells
  5. Learm how to attain perfect protection
  6. Holy Spirit Cleansing Technique
  7. And more…..

All these are some of the exciting things that you would discover in the course. Students should have already taken level 2 in Melchizedek Symbols and have attained enough symbol quotients for the level 2 symbols. All symbol quotients have to be checked by a teacher from the academy.

The course will be a 2 ~ 3 day course and lunch will be provided by the centers.

The Light exchange would be S$450/-

If you are interested please contact us.


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