Enter into the journey of the Melchizedek Symbols. Explore what this new healing modality can offer you in your ascension and evolution. Begin the journey by discovering new healing symbols that capture the essences of various Inner plane masters. The Melchizedek Symbols were given to humanity as God’s 9th Dispensation to God and these symbols serve to bring humanity to a higher stage of evolution. Discover how the flexibility of the symbols allows you to personalize your ascension process.

This powerful healing technique allows the healing energy to go into the atomic structure and release the negative toxins and Thought forms within you. All matter is composed of electrons and atoms. This healing system targets not the problem’s surface. Instead it totally breaks up the element for further treatment. Therefore this healing method does not harm the body as it is actually a cleansing the foundation that you are made of.

This first level will equip the students with the proper knowledge to allow them to understand spiritual information. This level does not require any prerequisites as it is the basic class for the Academy. Here is what is introduced in the course:

  1. Attunement of the symbols into the student’s DNA structure
  2. How to speak to your Melchizedek Symbols avatar
  3. The learning of how to protect each chakra with the symbols
  4. How to cleanse your room
  5. Who is our Mighty I am presence
  6. And more…..

The course will be a 1 day course for students who are trained in spiritual practices and for students who wish to start fresh it would be a 2 day course. There will be no pre-requisites for the course. All are welcomed

The Light exchange would be S$360/-

If you are interested please contact us.


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