The Melchizedek Symbols is a new form of healing system. The main specialty is the activation of our body’s auto healing and cleansing mechanism. These mechanisms had been always locked within us and it is time for us to unlock these abilities. With the symbols, our body’s molecular structure is broken down in the process of healing into many atoms and from there on a process of purification is made to clean the negative dirt within our body.

From the healing process, the patient’s various body parts can be easily cleansed. As the body is seal within a structure known as the flower of life, there is no way the cleansing can be disturbed. This deep cleansing is so strong that it goes into the emotional thought-forms and also the mental patterning.

The healing can also help to clear the virus that we had gotten from Astral Entities or curses. The healing will activate certain

mechanism within you that can dissolve any unwanted diseases that you have gotten. As the whole process is all done with various mechanisms within you, it would not be taxing to the physical body.

Your body knows yourself best. So this healing will allow you to:

  1. Clear illness and diseases
  2. Regenerate the physical and etheric cells of the body
  3. Balance our meridians
  4. Clear astral curses and diseases
  5. heal specific body parts (as requested)
  6. Reactivate the body proper DNA structure
  7. Re-energize the body cells
  8. And more…..

There are more that this Healing system can do, so try it out and you can feel the difference. The process is not only healing the body but also life transformation.

The treatment would be 1 hr and the patient may request on specific issues. The healing can also be done a long distance healing.

The treatment would require a light exchange of $120/hr.
To experience Long Distant Healing please contact us.

Please contact any of our centers for the treatment. For long distance, please drop us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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