The Kabbalah is an ancient school of thoughts and esoteric studies for the Jews. In the past, only those who are married male at the age of 40 can study the Kabbalah. Now in modern times, this school of thoughts still exists despite the change in the Abrahamic religion. Till today the Kabbalah still remain one of the favorite schools of thought for people who wish to seek GOD.

In the Kabbalah studies, you will be exposed to the fundamental of the Tree of life. The students would learn about the different spheres on the tree of life and the path on the tree of life. As the study goes deeper, students would be taught on how to integrate the different aspect of the three of life in their life. For example, how can I bring greater prosperity to my life? What is my path and life mission? All these are the different aspect which the Tree of Life can look into.


Kelvin Khemery received his knowledge of the Kabbalah from Dr Anna Jasmin Chew (Doctor in Meta physics) and he further researches his knowledge of the Kabbalah from the ancient text –the Zohar. As a religious studies scholar Kelvin finds the loop holes in the Kabbalah post by other people and tries to discover the truth of the Kabbalah.

The study group is conducted every Tuesday 7.30pm @ Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-106. The class is conducted based on donation.

Please note that this is a progressive course and thus there will be no repeat on the topics.

If you are interested please contact us.


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