Dear Brothers and Sister of the Light

Welcome to the

Melchizedek Symbols of Life Academy

The Melchizedek Symbols of life is a journey. In this journey not only are you going learn how to heal yourself, you are also going to learn how to transform yourself. You are going to understand yourself better and going to train yourself to be a better person.

The course uses symbols as a system to help you evolve. When you meditate upon these symbols, you are working with the energy and quality of the symbol. Meditation is a way to get you to understand your inner heart. The symbols each represent a certain character like love, stronger will power and stillness. When you meditate on these symbols, not only will you change your character, you will also become a more refined person. This is because you are directly working with the quality you want.

Symbols also contain energy and so it can also be harness to heal and used for energy work. There is no religion in energy. All energy contains is the love of the universe. We use this love and wisdom of the universe to heal and to reconnect ourselves to the universe.

There is no teachers in this course, all there is are facilitators. When you enter to the course, you are responsible for your own evolution. You decide how fast you want to go and how detail you want to learn. In this course you are your own teacher.

Come Join us to the journey to your inner heart.

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