Personal Power and Unconditional Love the symbol way

The Melchizedek Symbols is a new dispensation given to humanity for their evolution in Ascension. The Melchizedek Symbols have always been in use by the inner planes masters. Due to the change in the earth’s vibration, Earth now can receive higher esoteric information. Thus the Melchizedek Symbols is given to earth on 5th December 2004. The whole concept of the Melchizedek Symbols – Symbols of life is explained with this logo.

The Dove signifies the Holy Spirit which reminds us to remove all limitation that we have put on ourselves. It is only by the removal of all unwanted restrictions and limitation then can one truly evolve. You are the always at peace because the Divine forces will be there to help you.

The Crown signifies the Tiara of Knowledge which tells us that to evolve and ascend, we do not need to rely on anyone. We have the knowledge that we need to Ascend. Ascension is not about follow other people’s footstep. It is about how you can help bring others to ascension with your knowledge. It is also about bringing the real you out. Eventually, you are the key player in the whole ascension process.

The Flower of Life is also an important element within the Melchizedek Symbols. It stresses the importance to remember that we are all created within the flower of life and this connection should not be forgotten. The Flower of Life holds the key to our evolution. The symbols are also within you and both of you are within this Flower of Life. This makes the Melchizedek Symbols a self healing modality.

The color petals are how the symbols are being shown in the Flower of life. Each Symbol holds a different design. Thought the flower of life

How it came to humanity?

The Symbols came to me in the most surprising way. Personally, I did not learn symbols or any form of healing with symbols. I was an Oracle reader and it was actually by chance that I wanted to go for the course that Master William conducted. Then, these symbols came to me through the meditation. In the meditation, Lord Melchizedek and Archangel Metatron came and gave me the symbols. They told me how many symbols there would be and slowly it all came. During my daily life, I tried out the symbols and they were fantastic. I was told to start teaching the symbols. The whole experience was something really new for those which attended the course with me.

On 5th of December, there was a meditation and ceremony to anchor these sacred symbols into earth. In the participants were Reiki masters, healers, readers and even normal people. Each has various experiences with the symbols but overall, everyone agreed it was great. Everyone benefited and also learned a lot through the mediation. This was a great event for Mother Earth and also all in presence. I would like to share the Symbol’s history to you all. The time is now for you to also try out the symbols. If you find that you want something really flexible and something that is easily activated, the course is for you. There is no requirement and everyone is welcomed to join the course! Ascension awaits you! Hope to see you all in the Melchizedek Symbols- symbols of Life!

Rev. Kelvin Khemery

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