Lord Metatron

Lord Metatron has been serving as the Right hand of GOD which is also the King of the Archangels. He commands all of the archangels that are within the creation of the world and he contains all of GODs infinite secret.

Lord Metatron was one of the two founders who founded the Melchizedek Symbols in the inner plane. Being the Archangel who knows it all, he and Lord Melchizedek and the order of Melchizedek made research on the flower of life to encover the symbols hidden within it.

The cube that he holds in his guard is the basis of all life. Everything and anything started from the sacred geometrical sign of the cube. It contains all the codes and DNA structure of any race. There is information beyond which Metatron holds and he will reveal to those who are ready to receive this information.

Lord Metatron was formerly a human by the name encoh the prophet and with his brother Sandalphon, they were the only humans that become an Archangel upon completion of the ascension cycle. There, he experience the Unbounded light leap which transcended him into the realm of the Archangel.

Lord Metatron would normally appear or call forth the higher self of those who are ready for ascension to begin their journey to break the life cycle and transform it into the ascension cycle.

“ Listen to the voice, it is calling you to move into the embracement of GOD!”
- I AM Metatron

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