Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek was one of the Kings who part take an important role in the Christian context. He was in fact the founder of the Order of Melchizedek which was an organization that closely link to the study of Jesus mysticism. When he ascended, he continued his learning in the world of esoteric sciences in the school of Sirius. When he graduated from the school of Sirius, he finally became the Universal Logos.

As the Universal Logos, he was revealed to the inner planes secrets in the Archives. The information he receive was the secret to the Flower of Life. Therefore he and Lord Metatron work on the refining of the Merkabah and the study of the Flower Of Life. From there they both found the symbols within the flower of life. Like the Kabbalah it contain the qualities of GOD and this finding becomes the foundational work of the Melchizedek Symbols.

Melchizedek assist in the evolution of the world and also the evolution of not only earth but the entire universe. Many who are in the path of Ascension may be familiar to Melchizedek because he helps to awaken people to their role of duty. Melchizedek is also one of the three sages who hold the rod of initiation and he helps to evaluate and decide whether the person is worthy of the initiation which he work for.

“Fear not of moving forward as I Am here to guide you to the light of Evolution”
- I AM Melchizedek

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