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Beautiful Comments from those who attended the course:-

"Life is a journey - not a destination. An inner and
outer one - but always leading to oneself and
being authentic and true to who and what you
truly are!"

My spiritual journey began from the time I was conceived in the womb of life.
I say that because from the inception of life, onward, the process is so amazing,it should be no surprise why it is referred to as "the miracle of life."
Indeed, it is that process that made me realize we are all spiritual beings, with a physical shell.

A magnified healer & master, IIIrd light phase healer, reiki master, hypnotherapist, certified past life regression practitioner, rune reader, tarot reader(Raider Waite & Osho Zen), numerologist & crystal therapist......I truly believe, "Nothing in life brought me more & complete happiness than my tryst with estoric sciences, trying to unravel it's myriad mysteries & marveling at unearthing each new one !!!"

Today, to me life has become a neverending quest - the quest for truth, wisdom, for expanding of consciousness - to understand what made the world the way it is and to help to bring about a shift in consciousness - to expand people's minds and vision - and to help to heal the world and its people in my own unique way.
My quest is to understand our Ancient Heritage, understand the underlying patterns that made us the way we are - once we understand - we can break through - and start a new pattern which brings us towards greater understanding of the cosmic whole and our inherent ATONENESS with all !!

Very recently, I've come across a beautiful modality that's so simple in it's approach , yet so powerful that it's integration in my life is all that I require to activate my Mer Ka Bah to move towards ascension !!!
I am talking about Melchizedek Symbols channelized by Rev Kelvin Khemery, an experienced Ancient Philosophy teacher,also the founder of Melchizedek Symbols of Life Academy !!

Kelvin is an amazing teacher, not only because he is a storehouse of knowledge but the way he takes you through the spiritual learning & meditations...leaves you asking for more !!!!
Clearing the problems pertaining to our physical plane in the first level, we moved on to learn how to deal & heal our emotional issues in the second one !! Third level was a spiritual understanding of the mystical Qabalah & the fourth was an amalgam of any & every thing to do with the mental plane involving an in depth understanding of balancing all the seven relationships in order to receive enlightenment & even regressing to rake up the past issues to clear them !!!!

After journeying through the first level of MS right to the Master level, my mission now is to help, heal, inspire & connect with my greater spiritual potential.... to experience transformational healing & unconditional love & ofcourse, connect with the Source of All That is, our spiritual guidance & infinite possibilities *~*~*
-Shalini (India)

"A very empowering, insightful and universal course for those who are on the Path of spiritual development and Ascension. With a great depth of knowledge and experience, Kelvin has taught me what I needed to know to move smoothly in my spiritual journey and the tools are really easy to use and effective."
- Marlinda S

"The course was interesting, enlightening, relaxing, energising, beautiful and very special."
- Fiona Wall

"Today was absolutely beautiful and enlightening in what it has brought to me. New doors have opened."
- Barbara

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