William Hauw, is an Australian who is currently using Singapore as a base for his Energy Healing workshops. He has been involved with this type of work full time for over 15 yrs now, starting with Reiki, and then later moving on to other Ascension related workshops. His main aim is to empower himself with these tools and knowledge so that he can teach, share and empower others with it, so that they too may grow and be better equipped to handle the daily challenges of life in a most loving way possible.

He is a Traditional/Tibetan Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master; Magnified Healing Master/Teacher and Light Phase Teacher/Facilitator; Melchizedek Method Teacher/Facilitator for Levels 1-5.1, Merlin Trinity master/teacher, and also conduct other energy related healing/exercise courses like meditations, aura awareness, and fountain of youth, and so forth.

He teaches in 8 countries, (India, Mauritius , Kenya , Indonesia , Thailand , Malaysia , Hong Kong and Singapore ), covering 20 cities. He willingly goes to any country/city that asks for his presence.

INDIA Branch

Ms. Madhu Rihani

I have been involved with Reiki since 1994 and received my Master's attunement in 1996. Since then I have taught over 200 students Reiki & Karuna Reiki effectively. I have further helped several of these to become Reiki Masters themselves, so that this healing modality can be spread amongst more people.

I have been personally practicing Reiki on a regular basis. I have also been healing people and have been counseling effectively for the past 10 years. I have good communication skills and am able to reach out to people and make them comfortable in sharing their lives issues.  I further believe in understanding & grappling with problems at their root level, enabling me to help people through their physical, mental & emotional problems.

Since learning Reiki & becoming a Reiki practitioner, I have also acquired the knowledge of Crystal Healing, Karuna Reiki and Tarot Card reading. Further to these, I have also learnt Magnified Healing & Merlin Trinity under Master William Haw and Su-Jok  from Professor Park Jae Woo, the originator of Su-Jok. I have been practicing these effectively to heal and help people since.

I learnt Melchizedek symbols in India in 2005 from Master William Haw. Since then I have used them extensively to evolve myself & others towards a higher level of spiritual consciousness. To spread this powerful energy among more and more people, I undertook a Masters level course under the accomplished facilitator Rev. Kevin Khemery.

Now I seek to assist more people in scaling newer heights of spiritual attainment by teaching them Levels1,2,3,4 of Melchizedek symbols.

I can am based in India and can be contacted at: madhurihani@rediffmail.com


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