Kelvin Khemery is the one who channelled the Melchizedek Symbols from Lord Metatron and Melchizedek. Currently he lives in Singapore and he is now conducting lessons at the Centre of Remembrance. This mission was given to him when he receives all the symbols. This sets a new direction and identity for him to help his fellow brothers and sisters in the path of ascension.

Being Clariaudic, Kelvin learns to speak to the higher forces at a very young age. This allows inner plane masters to convey their messages with him whenever there is a need. The masters he had worked with are Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Bodhisattva. However, he would like to share this ability to all so that all may also communicate to these great beings.

Kelvin Khemery started out his spiritual work at the age of 11 and he has been greatly involved in Oracle reading and analysis. He is also a Tibetan Oracle reader and Eastern mythology researcher. Under the training of Eastern and Western masters, he is now equipped with profound knowledge on the fields of spirituality. This also sets his ground works for his life mission as a Melchizedek Symbols master.

In Singapore, Kelvin had been involve with various outdoor events and also meditation teaching. The outdoor events he had attended are -

- Hotel 1929 (2002)
- Pan Pacific Hotel (2003)
- NAC Halloween Celebration (2003)
- SMU (2004)
- Aero-Space ‘04 Opening Dinner (2004)
- Singapore Holistic Living Festival (2004)
- Zouk Simply Karmic (2004)
- Opening of Mount Faber Safra Club (2005)

On 21st of April 2005, Kelvin Khemery has been officially ordained by the I AM University lead by Dr Joshua David Stone. After undergoing training in integrated ascension and more, he had earn the title of Integrated Master Minister. He is now officially known as Rev. Kelvin Khemery.

Now Kelvin Khemery is determined to open this Academy so that all can know more about this wisdom. This is also to help all those who are still not in the path to realize what ascension is about. Besides that, Kelvin is currently teaching Ascension classes and mediation groups. He has earned the respect of his peers and also others who are in need of his help.

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